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Taking care of those who have gone to every climb and place to take care of us.

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Military & Veteran Support Group

Our Military & Veteran Support Group is the primary point of entry for individuals seeking support for brain, spine, or psychiatric conditions.

Through this group, a community of brothers and sisters come together to support each other in ways that others just can't provide.

Groups may be joined in person or virtually. All military and veteran persons are welcome.

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Gather with a community of brothers and sisters that come together to support each other. Join us live!

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Health Advocacy Program

Our Military & Veteran Health Advocacy Program provides a veteran-physician ally to our military or veteran members.

A veteran-physician ally is both a veteran and a physician who's unique experience helps them provide trustworthy guidance via one-on-one appointments. Government provided healthcare is chaotic - we get it.

Our advocacy program gives military and veterans an ally for information and perspectives that they can trust.

Note, veteran-physician ally's do not provide billable medical care or counsel, they are a source of information, confidant, and advocate for military and veteran patients.

One-on-One Appointment

To access one-on-one appointment scheduling with a veteran-physician ally, please sign-up for our Military & Veteran Support Group program and indicate interest in one-on-one advocacy appointments on your registration form.

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Meet Our
Veteran-Physician Allies

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How we help our Military & Veteran Community

Just wanted to inform you of my appreciation for these uploads. I’m not a doctor or student, I’m a veteran and many long years in ‘moderately-hard to hard’ occupations in engineering with several of these conditions you cover. DDD, DJD, OA, facit, spinal stenosis, spondylitis, spurs, and both canal type neurogenic claudication from cervical to lumbar. I really enjoy these lecture points for my own education. I can convert the concepts from my engineering knowledge and find it really fascinating (minus the actual real life experience with it)



YouTube Community

Just finished up watching BSG Live. Every single topic you touched on with TBI was 100% on point. It is truly amazing what you (BSG) are doing. It took me years before I started really educating myself on my injuries. It truly gives me a huge understanding of what will be dealing with and living with. The hard thing with combat related TBI is the postconcussion syndrome and long term effects. When you have other combat related issues such as PTSD. Sleep problems, etc. Most of them have symptoms that mimic (pcs) and will keep you at a negative baseline.. Which ends up ultimately giv[ing] you a hard time for different treatments. Seriously really proud of [BSG] and what you are doing is going to help so many people.

Mike H.

Mike H.

Military TBI Survivor

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